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Ferret Attitude
A dangerous legion of evil ferret owners out to control the world.
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2nd-May-2013 09:04 pm
Hello I'm brand new to the community and figured I should give an introduction. I'm 21 years old, originally from SF, CA and had no idea what a ferret was until I moved to Seattle almost a year ago and met a couple who had one. I freaked out the first time I saw him and then fell in love. <3

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21st-Apr-2013 09:48 pm - Preparing for a woozle
I've been doing research for the past few years for things I need for a pair of ferrets as well as finally getting to interact with some last weekend (omg I'm in love with them officially now!!) but I want to make sure I get all angles covered. I've wanted ferrets ever since I was 10 but know I cannot get some for at least another two years (or at least until my husband is out of college) so I still have time to prepare. What are some things all you ferret parents like to purchase and rough costs of:

Vet costs

I'm trying to figure out a monthly budget. Got my eye on what cages I want as well as litter boxes, but have heard many different suggestions about suppliments (when the fert is sick/trouble eating) standard food, bedding preference, toys, etc. Any tips for a first time ferret owner? Found several vets in the area and plan on getting the boys shots (planning on picking up a pair of males, fixed/descented) but after that, do you take ferrets in every 6 months for checkups? I've always been familiar with cats, dogs, horses and rats, but ferrets are new to me. Do please pardon the rambling, I am just so excited my 12 year dream is so close to coming true <3
9th-Apr-2013 06:08 pm
Roch out with your Koch out.
It's getting sourced by places like Huffington Post and the Daily Mail, but here you go: Ferrets Sold As Toy Poodles: Argentina Pet Dealers Reportedly Selling Weasels On Steroids
4th-Mar-2013 02:27 pm - Has anyone lived without their ferret for a period of time?
kasumi ~ sigh
I'm curious to know if anyone's under a similar situation as I am. A few months ago, I moved to California for personal reasons. I was pretty psyched to make the move, but it hurt my heart to leave my Meeko behind in New York. He's currently under the care of my parents and younger siblings. I was considering bringing him to California with me, but I'm terrified at the thought if he ever got caught. I don't know why California won't change their mind about the ferret ban. I went around Petco and Petsmart and was surprised to find ferret products. I'm pretty baffled about not allowing ferrets to the state, and yet they sell the most ferret products. How does that make sense?

Anyway, I'd like to hear if anyone's been away from their fuzzy for a period of time. It pains my heart I'm no longer with my little guy, but it would be selfish of me to bring him if I can't care for him properly due to a tight budget. I miss playing with him every day, missing how silly he can be, and basically just being there. I miss Meeko so much. It just sucks. I'm often tempted to rent a car and drive across the country. I'm doing my best to cope, but it's hard.

I'm sorry if this post sounds so whiny, so I will give you pictures of Meeko.

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4th-Mar-2013 11:31 am - poor baby petshop fert
I recently moved and checked out the pet shop in the area. Every pet store I've gone to, even chains like PetSmart,the ferrets are kept in the same type of cages as the rabbits or guinea pigs. They have shavings for bedding, no litter box, the little tubey water things and they are generally unclean.
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22nd-Nov-2012 07:56 am
donk... donk... donk...
Hey look, a DumbBrother is now famous in gif form!
10th-Nov-2012 12:23 pm - Nibbler
boosh driving
Hi all!

This is Nibbler. He's 7, a permanant foster ferret, and he sleeps with his tongue out 99% of the time. Here's a photo of him exhausted after I took him for a walk.

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3rd-Nov-2012 07:19 pm - Halloween ferret photos!
Marvel Loki restore to &quot;glory&quot;
So the day before Halloween I had washed the pumpkin to carve later that evening. Before I started on that however I took some pictures with the ferts and the pumpkin! I wanted to see what they thought of it. I got a couple of shots of them checking it out before they got bored and wandered off. lol

Gwin (white ferret) was hanging out in their carrier. They like to sleep in it, and have dragged in their favourite towel to make it more comfy.

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14th-Sep-2012 07:02 pm - Adrenal & Insulinoma
I took both my boys to the vet this week for symptoms linked to both Adrenal for one and Insulinoma for the other. Both were diagnosed with these after tests etc. So here is my questions:

Bear my big boy in my display has adrenal which unfortunately is on the right gland. Was hoping for surgery but now it is not ideal. I was planning on moving onto Lupron to ease his symptoms but was also interested in Deslorelin(As I live far from the vets and a longer lasting option would be ideal). So opinions on both and also how hard is it to find Deslorelin in U.S? I am in Canada and was told it is trickier to get and has to be ordered outside of the country sometimes. Also any info on Melatonin would be appreciated as well.(As my vet has not had experience with this method) What dosage do you use for your ferts etc.

Another question I have which I cant ask the vet now as they are closed is how does one test to see if tunmors are malignant or beneign. As I heard Lupron will not work if it is cancerous.

Also how many of you have tried surgery with right gland and had success. (I would have to have my vet search referrals for me if I decided to but at the moment I am not comfortable with the risks involved.

The other ferret with Insulinoma will be on Predisolone with sulcrate to protect his tummy. At a dosage of 25mg every 8-12 hours and 0.9 sulcrate. (If I am reading the prescription correct).

Would love to hear about other adrenal babies that had it on the right gland and what you chose and how it worked out. Want the best for my guys so of course I check here also for advice from those who dealt with adrenal more than me. I will also be checking the tags which I know will be helpful also. Thanks in advance.
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